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Second Home Loans

Our home lenders specialize in financing second homes, vacation home and rental properties. Our participating mortgage companies provide low rate second home loans for home purchase and second mortgage with offers from 3 competing second home mortgage specialists from across the country. All our loan specialists are dedicated to finding the right loan with the lowest interest rates whether you are an investor or a first time homebuyer. Year in and year out, we offer great home loan rates for all types of applicants.

Did you know that interest rates on second home loans are almost as low as they are on primary residence mortgages?

All our home financing specialists are dedicated to finding the best loan for a second home with an affordable monthly payment.

  • 2nd Home Mortgage up to 90%
  • Payment Option Loans
  • Loans for People who need to state their income
  • Fixed Rate 2nd Home Loans
  • 95% Home Financing
  • Owner Occupied Home Loans
  • Non-Owner Occupied Mortgages
  • Investment Property Loans
  • Second Home Loan

Shop lenders that specialize in providing 2nd home purchase loans up to $2,500,000. You will benefit from qualifying quotes from three competing home loan specialists from across the country. All our home finance specialists are dedicated to finding the right mortgage with the best loan rates, terms and reduced costs to meet your borrowing needs.

Our second home lenders specialize in financing income properties and 2nd homes. Compare lenders for competitive rates for fixed and adjustable rate mortgage programs.

Mortgage & Debt FYI

Many self-help guides to getting out of debt suggest credit card debt consolidation as helpful tool for debt management. Debt consolidation, in simple terms, means taking all the money you owe to different sources, or in most cases, different credit card companies, and putting it into one source of debt-either another credit card or some other type of loan.

If you are diligent about either paying off your debt or switching again to another low interest program before the low interest rate time period is up, then you will be able to save hundreds of dollars in interest payments.

Request a FREE Mortgage Quote online and learn how a debt consolidation loan could save you over $4,000 per year!

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Smart Home Mortgage Loans inc. offers info about loan programs from primary lenders in all 50 states. Our lending institutions provide home purchase, second home equity, mortgage refinancing, and refinance loans. Whether you are searching for conventional, non-conforming or subprime refinancing, our company can connect you with the finest financing providers online.

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Second Home Financing Basics
For those of you who didn't get a finance degree from a graduate business school, we created this section so that average homeowners can understand the basics for home buying loans and refinancing. Our website will provide you with 2nd home loan references and relevant definitions for loan terms so that you can make wise finance decisions that involve residential mortgages.
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This is not a commitment for a loan or an advertisement for credit as defined by paragraph 226.24 of regulation Z. SmartHomeFinancing.com does not make second home loans. We provide info so that consumers can shop lenders that offer 2nd home mortgages that meet their needs at no cost. Rates on 2nd home loans are subject to change without notice.
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